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Cindy Best
What About School?

You and your former spouse cannot agree where your child is going to go to school. One of you wants to jump into court and get this resolved. No no no. This is no longer happening and will not work that way with the court. I once had a judge ask parents in a courtroom,…

Cindy Best

Are you sharing your children with their other parent this summer? Would you like to make things go smoothly? Just be polite and kind. Do unto others as you would like them to treat you. What does that mean? When you decide to take the kids to the beach, let their other parent know where…

Cindy Best
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

I do not know this family but I recognize some of the issues that they may be having. I only recognize some of the issues from what I read in the paper about the judge’s remarks. I want to say, however, that I agree with what Ms. Jolie opined that none of this is anyone’s…

Cindy Best
School’s Out

Yeah, the kids are out of school and the summer is here. The kids are really excited and the parents are not quite as excited. If you share your children with their other parent, you might be even less excited. How do you share the kids over the summer? Most likely, you already have a…

Cindy Best
Mother’s Day

Congratulations to all the Mothers our there. It is a rewarding and honorable job, probably one of the most important ever in your lifetime. If you are going through a divorce, it is even tougher. But as long as you keep your kids in mind, you will be successful. I recall a conversation some many…

Cindy Best
Mothers Leaving Abuse

If you are a mother, it is because you have kids. I have an observation to make about mother’s who go through divorce and the thoughts about children. Sometimes mothers get divorced for reasons that are unrelated to the husband/father’s behavior or love toward his children. In those families, it makes sense to share responsibilities…

Cindy Best
Domestic Violence Walk Back

A client comes to see us who tells a sad story of being screamed at, stalked, ducked while things were thrown at her, watched her kids being berated, and watched the dog getting kicked. The mother/wife is a victim of long years of domestic violence that has severely changed her as a person and a…

Cindy Best
How Do Children Speak To The Court?

One of the best interests factors to determine where the children will live is the opinion of the child. The age of the child will determine how much weight the court will give the child’s opinion. But the court does not actually speak with a child. Their voices are heard by the parents’ testimony, a…

Cindy Best
What Is A Fit Parent?

The courts in Arizona determine whether a parent is fit enough to be provided 50/50 parenting time. A fit parent does not have any domestic violence, child abuse, illegal drug use, alcohol abuse, mental health, or criminal issues. Some of these issues are hard to prove and parents often think that they need “evidence”. What…

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