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Establishing And Challenging Paternity

The Basics Paternity only applies to the father of the child. Paternity means being declared the legal father after the child is born. Until paternity is established in accordance with the law, a child of unmarried parents is without a legal father. The proceedings to establish the maternity or paternity of a child may be … Continue reading Establishing And Challenging Paternity

Cindy Best
Handling Domestic Violence Issues

It is important for family law attorneys to be educated about domestic violence. 1,300,000 women in the U.S. are victims of domestic violence by intimate partners every year. Battered women are not the only victims of abuse; it is estimated that anywhere between 3.3 million and 10 million children witness domestic violence annually. Statutory Definition … Continue reading Handling Domestic Violence Issues

Cindy Best
Simple Steps to “Serving” the Other Party

“Service” is the technical name for the other party receiving the documents that you filed. Arizona courts require the petitioner to show proof that the other person was served. In today’s legal world, service does not have to be done with a process server. Instead, you can simply mail the documents to the other party, … Continue reading Simple Steps to “Serving” the Other Party

Cindy Best
Pizza Friday At St. Vincent De Paul

The team at Best Law Firm volunteered at St. Vincent De Paul last week at their pizza making event. St. Vincent De Paul makes over 150 pizzas every Friday for guests in the family dining room. They had a rolling dough station, a topping station and a slicing and boxing station. Flour and toppings were flying everywhere … Continue reading Pizza Friday At St. Vincent De Paul

Cindy Best
Types of Parenting Time Schedules

There are several different types of parenting plans that parties can agree on or the court can enter in cases involving children. Some example parenting plans may include: Equal Parenting Time Non-Equal Parenting Time Long Distance Parenting Time   Equal Parenting Time Equal parenting time means both parents have equal access to the minor child(ren). … Continue reading Types of Parenting Time Schedules

Cindy Best
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Arizona

The Best Law Firm made a charitable donation to Saint Vincent De Paul for the holidays. We enjoy volunteering in the Urban Farm and look forward to feeding the homeless this month. St. Vincent de Paul encourages everyone to get out and help those in need, whether it’s donating their time by helping out in … Continue reading The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Arizona

Cindy Best
2016 Sojourner’s Center Circle of Hope Holiday Program

Sojourner Center is one of the largest and longest-running domestic violence organizations in the country. Each year, Sojourner Center provides safety and support to nearly 10,000 women, children, men and pets. The organization offers emergency shelter, transitional housing, domestic violence education, safety planning, lay-legal advocacy, case management, a child development center, a 24-hour crisis hotline, … Continue reading 2016 Sojourner’s Center Circle of Hope Holiday Program

Cindy Best
Start 2017 Off On The Right Foot

Did you know that almost every family law case is mediated in Maricopa County? You can go to a mediation with an attorney near the end of the divorce process after you spend thousands of dollars on attorneys…or you can go to mediation at the beginning and figure out where the real disputes are and … Continue reading Start 2017 Off On The Right Foot

Cindy Best
Did Brad And Angelina Read Our Blogs? I Think So!

I read that Brad and Angelina filed a joint response and decided to stop telling the public private information about their kids. And, they decided to hire a private judge to keep it out of court. They are getting it right. It does not need to become public and it does not need to be … Continue reading Did Brad And Angelina Read Our Blogs? I Think So!

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