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Robbie Hendricks
Why Roll The Dice?

I had a trial last week. I thought we had a good case. We did. I thought we were reasonable. We were. I thought we had good solutions. We did. I thought I knew the law. We did. I thought the court would agree with us on all of the above. They did not. That … Continue reading Why Roll The Dice?

Robbie Hendricks
Baseball Camp

So, your son wants to go to baseball camp and the mother does not want him to go. It is too far away, it is too expensive, she wants him to go to band camp. So, how do you decide and how do you keep it civil when you have joint legal decision making? I once … Continue reading Baseball Camp

Robbie Hendricks
Father’s Day lasts all year long

The best thing you can do for your children during a divorce is keep them out of the conflict. That means that you might consider going to mediation so you can resolve issues in a nice, quiet, low key environment. Even if you the mother are upset, a third party can help keep emotions in … Continue reading Father’s Day lasts all year long

Robbie Hendricks
Father’s Day

It is almost here, Father’s Day. We meet lots of fathers in our family law practice. Some are excellent fathers. It is really important to know that Father’s rights in Arizona are on equal footing with mother’s rights.  Public policy and statutes in this state suggest that fit parents have a right to 50% of … Continue reading Father’s Day

Cindy Best
Fathers and Brad Pitt

Take a lesson from Brad Pitt. He seems like a good person, a good father. What I know about him I have read in the paper. And, from what I read, I think every Father and Mother in America should read. Keep your kids out of the middle of the divorce. Say nothing negative about … Continue reading Fathers and Brad Pitt

Cindy Best
It’s OK Until It’s Not OK

You are an unmarried father and you are in love and everything is great with the mother of your baby…until it isn’t. And then there are hard feelings. Arguments, fights about when you can see the baby. And then you find out that you have no legal rights. Really? Really. You have them, but you … Continue reading It’s OK Until It’s Not OK

Cindy Best
Mediation Sound Bites

Mediation is easier, less expensive, and more resolution focused. Stay out of court. Out of court solution and resolution. Knowing your rights without fighting about your rights. Understanding and agreeing. Being in control. Avoid someone else making decisions based on trial testimony. Being able to negotiate. Being able to be creative. Coming us with solutions … Continue reading Mediation Sound Bites

Cindy Best
Third Party Professionals

In family law cases, the parties or the court may request third party professionals be appointed in cases to assist the court in making decisions regarding the best interests of the minor child(ren). These individuals can be appointed at any time during the case. Court Appointed Advisor: This person is appointed by the court from … Continue reading Third Party Professionals

Cindy Best
Preparing and Filing Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

Arizona does not provide for joint filing of a divorce—one party must initiate by filing the petition with the court. There are several documents that need to be filled out and filed with the court. They vary depending on whether the client intends to file for a dissolution with or without children or a legal … Continue reading Preparing and Filing Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

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