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Cindy Best
Carole King Had It Right

Here are the lyrics to one of her songs: “Care-a-lot is a place we all can go Come to Care-a-lot, it’s a place we all can go Come to Care-a-lot Share-a-lot Care-a-lot” If you are going through a divorce, you might want to ask yourself this question: do they care? Does it matter if your … Continue reading Carole King Had It Right

Cindy Best
Happy New Year 2020

It is a new year and a new decade. It might be the perfect time to consider your conduct in your divorce or custody matter. This might be the right time to turn over a new leaf. Remember that you get to decide how to go about this difficult business of splitting up your family. … Continue reading Happy New Year 2020

Cindy Best
She Can Have Anything and Everything

Dear Future Self: I know you are tired of your divorce and you just want it to be over. I also know that you love your kids and you work hard. But if you can just hang in there long enough to get a parenting plan instead of giving Mom all the rights to your … Continue reading She Can Have Anything and Everything

Cindy Best
Domestic Violence and Children

It’s the holiday season and it is not a nice time to talk about domestic violence. But truly it is never a “nice” time to talk about domestic violence. But it is depressing and it is traumatic and it is something that causes great pain to the adult victims involved and to the children. It … Continue reading Domestic Violence and Children

Cindy Best

If you have a family that gives your children two Christmases every year, there are things you can do to help create peace for your children. You are the adult in the situation so it is up to you to make things go smoothly. Do not sweat the small stuff, the only thing that matters … Continue reading Peace

Cindy Best
Don’t Steal Their Joy

Thanksgiving is coming. Christmas is Coming. Hanukkah is coming. The holidays are coming. Your kids are excited about this season, however your family celebrates this time of year. They are children and they are happy and joyous. You, as their parent, need to prepare for this time if your family shares the kids in different … Continue reading Don’t Steal Their Joy

Cindy Best
Be Reasonable

Sometimes parents fight just to fight and use their children as pawns. I know that that seems hard to believe but it is true. If you find that you cannot be reasonable, try putting yourself in the shoes of your child. Can you imagine your Mom trying to prevent your Dad that you love and … Continue reading Be Reasonable

Cindy Best
Should I Really Sleep On It?

Sometimes people consult with us and wonder whether their signature on a document means anything. Yes, Yes, Yes, Do not sign anything if you do not understand the documents and if you do not understand the consequences. Do not be pressured into signing documents. Understand them. Know what the document means for your life. Ask questions. Ask more … Continue reading Should I Really Sleep On It?

Cindy Best
Can I Change Horses Midstream?

We often have consults with people who have changed attorneys in the middle of a divorce or people who have started the divorce process on their own and then decide they need help. The key to both of these situations is to not wait until the last minute. It is so hard to help someone … Continue reading Can I Change Horses Midstream?

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