Cindy Best
Should I Listen to My Attorney?

Should I listen to my attorney or not? That depends on whether you trust that your lawyer had the experience needed to give you good advice. It also depends on whether you think your lawyer is on your team and is giving you advice based on your best interests. So, how do lawyers make decisions … Continue reading Should I Listen to My Attorney?

Cindy Best
Does Your Attorney Care?

Do you care if your attorney cares? It may not be important to you but if it is, you have some things to think about. You will know if your lawyer cares when you ask the hard questions and they give you the hard answers. For instance, how much will a divorce cost? A salesperson … Continue reading Does Your Attorney Care?

Cindy Best
Why Shouldn’t My Spouse Pay Me Forever?

Many spouses getting divorced are sad and upset. For some reason, those feelings sometimes translate into a feeling of entitlement. Somehow, someway, someone believes that the other party owes you something. The issue with this thinking leads to fear, high costs in litigation, and continued resentment. Let’s tackle the issue of alimony, called spousal maintenance … Continue reading Why Shouldn’t My Spouse Pay Me Forever?

Cindy Best
Spousal Maintenance

  Spousal maintenance was formerly called alimony. There seem to be more misconceptions about spousal maintenance than almost any other area of divorce. You may have heard that you will get spousal maintenance because your spouse makes more money, but it is not that simple. Spousal maintenance can be highly discretionary, depending on the judge. … Continue reading Spousal Maintenance

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