Domestic Violence

April 3, 2020 Cindy Best
“Women are using code words at pharmacies to escape domestic violence during lockdown” CNN

Victims of domestic violence during this pandemic can feel even more trapped with stay at home orders and only being able to go out for essentials. If you are experiencing domestic violence or know someone who is, please read this article and reach out for help. You can read the full article below that was…

March 20, 2020 Cindy Best
“A Deeper Look Into Gaslighting” National Domestic Violence Hotline

If you are experience domestic violence or know someone who is or might be experiencing it, below is a helpful article from the National Domestic Violence Hotline about gaslighting and what it is. Read the full article below or click here to read it on “Remember— you are not alone!” A Deeper Look Into…

March 19, 2020 Cindy Best
“How Coronavirus Is Affecting Victims of Domestic Violence” – Time

Below is an article from Time about how Coronavirus is affecting women that are victims of domestic violence. Read the full article below or click here to read it on As Cities Around the World Go on Lockdown, Victims of Domestic Violence Look For A Way Out BY MÉLISSA GODIN | MARCH 18, 2020…

January 30, 2020 Cindy Best
What should I do if I am served with an Order of Protection?

Not sure what you are supposed to do if you are served with an Order of Protection? Here’s what you should do: 1. You need to obey the Order of Protection whenever it is in effect. It went into effect the moment it was served on you. If a judge ordered you to not contact…

September 17, 2019 Cindy Best
My Wife Served Me With An Order Of Protection

An Order of Protection is a very serious matter. The purpose is to protect victims of domestic violence from any further abuse. A person can go to court to obtain one and have a hearing in front of a judge. If the alleged perpetrator wants to object to the OOP, they can call and get…

July 18, 2019 Cindy Best
My Husband Controls Everything I Do

Arizona law has a statute that makes it a harder for a person who commits domestic violence to have custody of their children. But the hard part is identifying and then proving domestic violence. What is it? What if he has never hit me? What if he has a tracker on my car and does…

December 12, 2018 Cindy Best
Why Won’t Anyone Believe Me?

Marcelle Guimaraes, a Houston mother, took her son (age 4) Nico, to Brazil in 2013, and never returned. She’s a fugitive, wanted by the FBI, and charged with international parental kidnapping. Why am I writing about this? The mother claimed that she fled a domestic violence situation. There is some email evidence that she was,…

July 30, 2018 Cindy Best
Melissa Brockie Talks About Domestic Violence [AZCentral Video]

In this video from AZCentral, Melissa Brockie, the director of New Day Centers at UMOM in Phoenix, Arizona, talks about what warning signs to look for and the resources available to those who might be in a domestic violence relationship. Understanding what domestic violence is and knowing the support systems that are there to help…

April 30, 2018 Cindy Best
Mothers Leaving Abuse

If you are a mother, it is because you have kids. I have an observation to make about mother’s who go through divorce and the thoughts about children. Sometimes mothers get divorced for reasons that are unrelated to the husband/father’s behavior or love toward his children. In those families, it makes sense to share responsibilities…


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