Cindy Best
How To Be a Good Client

“Does it really matter if I am a good client?” I think it really helps you help yourself if you are a good client. Attorneys will do the work, care about your case, and want to have a positive outcome. But what changes if you are a good client? The attorney is more enthusiastic, more … Continue reading How To Be a Good Client

Cindy Best
School is Out!

Very soon, school will be out in the valley. That sounds like a fun time unless you are worried about how to split time with your former spouse. Many families choose an option that gives each parent up to 2 weeks or even a month of uninterrupted family kid time without seeing the other parent. … Continue reading School is Out!

Cindy Best
Unmarried Fathers and Mothers and Child Support

If the father of your baby signed a paternity acknowledgment in the hospital, he is considered the baby’s father. So, now what if he wants to take the baby to the lake and you do not think it is safe? Can he take the baby? The short answer is no, not unless he has gone … Continue reading Unmarried Fathers and Mothers and Child Support

Cindy Best
How Do Children Speak To The Court?

One of the best interests factors to determine where the children will live is the opinion of the child. The age of the child will determine how much weight the court will give the child’s opinion. But the court does not actually speak with a child. Their voices are heard by the parents’ testimony, a … Continue reading How Do Children Speak To The Court?

Robbie Hendricks
Father’s Day lasts all year long

The best thing you can do for your children during a divorce is keep them out of the conflict. That means that you might consider going to mediation so you can resolve issues in a nice, quiet, low key environment. Even if you the mother are upset, a third party can help keep emotions in … Continue reading Father’s Day lasts all year long

Robbie Hendricks
Father’s Day

It is almost here, Father’s Day. We meet lots of fathers in our family law practice. Some are excellent fathers. It is really important to know that Father’s rights in Arizona are on equal footing with mother’s rights.  Public policy and statutes in this state suggest that fit parents have a right to 50% of … Continue reading Father’s Day

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