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Divorce - Custody - Family Law Attorneys
Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona

Getting Started

Where to Start and How to Begin Your Divorce, Child Custody or other Family Law Matter.


The Divorce Process and What You Need to Know When Considering a Divorce in Arizona.

Child Custody

Child Custody Issues and The Law You Need to Know When Dealing with a Custody Matter.

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Best Law Firm in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona

Experienced Divorce, Custody, and Family Law Lawyers

Our experienced team at Best Law Firm has helped thousands of clients. We listen and we thrive on finding solutions. We know family law and we understand what it takes to successfully resolve any family law issue.

We offer customized legal representation to meet your financial and legal needs. You may only need a little coaching and some legal advice or you may need help with developing a legal strategy to protect your assets and get custody of your children. Whatever your goals, we will work with you to find out what outcome is most important to you and we will help you get there. The same approach won’t work for everyone. That’s why we unbundle our legal services and offer personalized service with effective solutions.

Give us a call and find out for yourself what makes us the Best Law Firm. To schedule your consultation, call (480) 219-2433 and we will handle the rest. A 1 hour consultation with an attorney is $200. We are located in High Street next to Desert Ridge, the 51 and loop 101. Our convenient location makes it easy for us to serve all four courthouses in the Valley.

The Divorce Coach Book

Your guide to Divorce in Arizona.

We literally wrote the book on Divorce in Arizona. The Divorce Coach is a step-by-step guide on how to do your own divorce in Arizona. This book is for anyone thinking about divorce or going through a divorce. Become empowered; know the law and the rules so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

The Divorce Coach Book

Family Law Practice Areas


Divorce with Minor Children. Divorce without Minor Children

Father's Rights

Married and Unmarried Father's Parental Rights. Establishing Paternity.

Domestic Violence

Physical and Mental abuse is intolerable and inexcusable. Protect yourself.

Child Custody

Legal Decision-Making.
Parenting Time.

Spousal Maintenance

Temporary payments to help one spouse establish a home and living environment.

Third-Party Rights

Non-parents can be classified as a “third-party” and may be entitled to visitation with a minor child.

Child Support

One parent may be ordered to pay monthly for the support of a child.

Mother's Rights

Mother's rights are different for married and unmarried women.

Modification of Spousal Maintenance

Making changes to a prior agreement, court order or decree.


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Clients Helped
What our clients say about us:
  • member

    "Thank You! Thank you! Thank You! Cindy, Allison, The Team... Thank you for getting my son what he deserves! Thank you for finally ending this 9 year chaos...I slept like a little baby last night! You are all GREAT!"

    B.W. - Divorce with Children
  • member

    "Ms. Best resolved my spousal maintenance issue with my husband and his attorney in two hours. She accomplished what the lawyers could not do in 9 months of litigation. I am very grateful for her help."

    J.S. - Mediation
  • member

    "You are the Best, before I retained counsel, I was not able to see my children and did not know what rights a father had in Arizona. I now have joint legal and physical custody. Thank you for all that you have done for my family."

    T.N. - Custody and Father's Rights
  • member

    "Thanks again for your help in this. Your team is AWESOME."

    S.C. - Child Support
  • member

    "Thank you so much for joining me today.. I was a ball of nerves and felt so much better having you there beside me. I really appreciate all of your support and will definitely keep you in the loop!"

    T.V. - Limited Scope Representation
  • member

    "I think you guys did a great job with the pre-trial motions! Thank you for your diligence!"

    F.D. - Divorce without Children
  • member

    "I just want to take an opportunity to say thank you. I finally got a good night sleep last night. I am always very nervous about court. I hope you have a good weekend and I sincerely thank you for your efforts."

    A.C. - Divorce with Children
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