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We offer customized legal representation to meet your financial and legal needs. You may only need a little coaching and some legal advice or you may need help with developing a legal strategy to protect your assets and get custody of your children. Whatever your goals, we will work with you to find out what outcome is most important to you and we will help you get there. Every family is different. We unbundle our legal services and offer personalized service with effective solutions.

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The best place to start is a phone call to Best Law Firm. During this phone call we will put your mind at ease and help you figure out your next step. We have helped thousands of clients and we know that we can help you too.

After your phone call, you will be in a good position to decide what to do next. Most often, the next step is a consultation with one of our attorneys. This consultation will help you understand your specific legal issues and it will provide you with knowledge to move forward in the right direction.

To schedule your consultation give us a call and we will handle the rest. A 1 hour consultation with an attorney is $100. We are located in High Street next to Desert Ridge, the 51 and loop 101. Our convenient location makes it easy for us to serve all four courthouses in the Valley.

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Our experienced team at Best Law Firm has helped thousands of clients. We listen and we thrive on finding effective resolutions to help your family.


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by Cindy Best

Christmas Time

Remember that Christmas memories for your children will last forever. So, if you are sharing your children with a parent, please remember that it is important to put them first. It helps to create new traditions if this is your first holiday sharing your children. And, kids are not all that concerned about what day … Continue reading Christmas Time

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by Cindy Best

40 Things Only Divorce Lawyers Know

An interesting article we found on about secrets and tips when going through a divorce. “It’s no secret that divorce is a stressful experience. While it’s natural to feel grief about the dissolution of a marriage, spouses also need to consider the more practical implications when a household dissolves. From divvying up assets to creating custody arrangements, the … Continue reading 40 Things Only Divorce Lawyers Know

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by Cindy Best

House Tax Plan Isn’t Amicable to Divorcing Couples

Another interesting article on The Wall Street Journal about how the new tax bill will impact couples getting a divorce. “Tax-overhaul bill would change treatment of alimony payments on divorce agreements signed after this year. Divorcing couples and their advisers are scrambling to cope with the possibility that alimony won’t be tax deductible for divorce … Continue reading House Tax Plan Isn’t Amicable to Divorcing Couples

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