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We offer customized legal representation to meet your financial and legal needs. You may only need a little coaching and some legal advice or you may need help with developing a legal strategy to protect your assets and get custody of your children. Whatever your goals, we will work with you to find out what outcome is most important to you and we will help you get there. Every family is different. We unbundle our legal services and offer personalized service with effective solutions.

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The best place to start is a phone call to Best Law Firm. During this phone call we will put your mind at ease and help you figure out your next step. We have helped thousands of clients and we know that we can help you too.

After your phone call, you will be in a good position to decide what to do next. Most often, the next step is a consultation with one of our attorneys. This consultation will help you understand your specific legal issues and it will provide you with knowledge to move forward in the right direction.

To schedule your consultation give us a call and we will handle the rest. A 1 hour consultation with an attorney is $200. We are located in High Street next to Desert Ridge, the 51 and loop 101. Our convenient location makes it easy for us to serve all four courthouses in the Valley.

OUR Team

Our experienced team at Best Law Firm has helped thousands of clients. We listen and we thrive on finding effective resolutions to help your family.


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by Cindy Best

Fathers and Brad Pitt

Take a lesson from Brad Pitt. He seems like a good person, a good father. What I know about him I have read in the paper. And, from what I read, I think every Father and Mother in America should read. Keep your kids out of the middle of the divorce. Say nothing negative about … Continue reading Fathers and Brad Pitt

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by Cindy Best

It’s OK Until It’s Not OK

You are an unmarried father and you are in love and everything is great with the mother of your baby…until it isn’t. And then there are hard feelings. Arguments, fights about when you can see the baby. And then you find out that you have no legal rights. Really? Really. You have them, but you … Continue reading It’s OK Until It’s Not OK

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by Cindy Best

Mediation Sound Bites

Mediation is easier, less expensive, and more resolution focused. Stay out of court. Out of court solution and resolution. Knowing your rights without fighting about your rights. Understanding and agreeing. Being in control. Avoid someone else making decisions based on trial testimony. Being able to negotiate. Being able to be creative. Coming us with solutions … Continue reading Mediation Sound Bites

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