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Cindy Best
Should I continue to pay child support for a child I am not seeing?

Question: My name is on the birth certificate, and I have been paying the Mother $300 in child support each month. We’ve never been to Court, and now she’s not letting me see my child. Should I continue to pay child support for a child I am not seeing? Answer: Though child support is voluntary…

Cindy Best
“An ER doctor loses custody of daughter because of coronavirus fears” – CNN

A Doctor who is treating patients who have COVID-19 has temporary lost custody of her daughter while she continues to help people during this pandemic. The article on CNN by David Williams talks about why it happened and how she is appealing the judge’s ruling. Read the full article below, or click here to view…

Cindy Best
Pause the Petty

It is never a good idea to be petty. But in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic that affects every aspect of everyones’ life, it is an especially bad time to be petty. Your children come back from parenting time with dirty clothes. So what. Your former spouse needs to change days for parenting…

Cindy Best
“Florida mom seeks custody of son, says father is virus risk” ABC News

Child custody and parenting time can be stressful and sometimes even create extra health risks. This article is interesting in what a mother did to get custody of her child during this pandemic. Read the full article below or click on this link. By MIKE SCHNEIDER, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A Florida mother is asking a…

Cindy Best
“Navigating child custody in the time of coronavirus” CNN

Child custody and parenting time are just a couple things that are affecting families during this pandemic. They can be frustrating and hard to navigate. Below is an article from CNN written by Matt Villano that is defiantly worth reading. You can read the full article below or click here to read it on CNN.com…

Stephen Vincent
What to do if one parent isn’t taking measures to protect the child from virus exposure?

This is a time for co-parenting. While recognizing that co-parenting is not easy and can become heated, this is a time where parents need to come together and figure out the rules for both households.  Importantly, the conversation should not devolve into a blame game or name-calling. Keep your cool and focus on the issue…

Cindy Best
Child Custody Issues & COVID-19

Cindy Best from Best Law Firm discusses child custody issues you might be facing during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Cindy Best
I Lost My Job during the Pandemic: Spousal Maintenance and Child Support

Yes, this is absolutely an unprecedented and stressful time. What happens if you get laid off or lose your job during this pandemic? No one knows for sure of the outcome, but the courts are still open and lawyers are still practicing. Our firm has instituted video conferencing and telephone consults, as an example. So,…

Cindy Best
Coronavirus and Child Custody

This is an extremely stressful and trying time for all families. The added stress of exchanging your child between two households can add to that anxiety and almost become overwhelming. Have you noticed that prior to this pandemic some things that seemed like they were a big deal are not so much anymore?  The most…

Cindy Best
Valentine’s Day is for Kindness

If you are going through a divorce, Valentine’s Day can be especially painful. But really, who does enjoy this particular calendar day? Many people not going through a divorce might not be so keen on this day either. So, maybe change the way you think about February 14. Maybe it could a kindness day where you make…

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