December 8, 2021 Cindy Best
Give Yourself a Gift

There is always a lot written about the children over the holidays. But this blog is about you, the parent, who may have gone through a transition in your family this past year or recently. If you have been divorced this year, everything has changed. And, yes, Christmas and the holidays have a great emphasis on…

September 2, 2021 Cindy Best
Who gets invited to my baby’s birth?

Question: My baby is due around mid October. The baby’s father is not married to me and has been very mean and abusive to me ever since I told him I was pregnant. He calls me nasty names and texts me threats. At first he didn’t want the baby and now he threatens to show…

July 28, 2021 Cindy Best
Unmarried Fathers and Married Fathers

It seems logical that married fathers and married fathers have the same rights regarding their children. But in Arizona, it makes a difference if a Father is married to the mother of his children or not. A married father who is fit is usually awarded equal parenting time with the mother and joint legal decision making if…

November 24, 2020 Cindy Best
Children, Change, and Conflict

Now that summer is over and some version of school is back, your children are going through the obvious changes of going back to school and the changing seasons. They have been going through the changes due to covid since last spring. So, if you are also going through a family change at this same time,…

November 10, 2020 Cindy Best
Are Divorce and Conflict Twins?

In other words, does a divorce have to include conflict? I really do not think so. Stop and think about the potentials for conflict if you are going through a divorce. Are you being greedy? Are you being reasonable? Do you know the well settled law in Arizona or are you fighting against all odds?…

November 6, 2020 Cindy Best
What Legalizing Marijuana in Arizona Means for Child Custody

On November 3, Arizona voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 207, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana within the state. Naturally, many parents wonder how marijuana use, either by themselves or by the other parent, will affect their child custody case. The new law does not explicitly reference child custody, but it will likely have implications. Since…

April 22, 2020 Cindy Best
Should I continue to pay child support for a child I am not seeing?

Question: My name is on the birth certificate, and I have been paying the Mother $300 in child support each month. We’ve never been to Court, and now she’s not letting me see my child. Should I continue to pay child support for a child I am not seeing? Answer: Though child support is voluntary…

April 13, 2020 Cindy Best
“An ER doctor loses custody of daughter because of coronavirus fears” – CNN

A Doctor who is treating patients who have COVID-19 has temporary lost custody of her daughter while she continues to help people during this pandemic. The article on CNN by David Williams talks about why it happened and how she is appealing the judge’s ruling. Read the full article below, or click here to view…

April 7, 2020 Cindy Best
Pause the Petty

It is never a good idea to be petty. But in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic that affects every aspect of everyones’ life, it is an especially bad time to be petty. Your children come back from parenting time with dirty clothes. So what. Your former spouse needs to change days for parenting…


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