Kidsgiving and Turkey Day

Cindy Best

I am sure that everyone has memories of their childhood holidays. The real question is whether they are happy and joyful or stressful and depressing. If you are a parent, you have some responsibility on how your children will remember their holidays. If you are going through a divorce, it is sometimes hard to focus on your kids, but it is such a loving thing to do even when you are in pain. You are helping create lifelong memories for your children so you can help craft those memories any way you wish. If you had miserable childhood memories, you can stop that pattern and create happy times and traditions for your kids.

Thanksgiving is not just one day. As your children think back to their childhood when they are adults, one day is not going to create all the memories. It will likely be a collection of days and a general feeling of happy or sad. So, if you are sharing your children with their other parent you have options to help create peace and joy. If the actual Thanksgiving Day is not “yours” this year, you can celebrate any surrounding day or weekend. Your kids won’t remember if your Thanksgiving was Thursday but they will remember if it was miserable and full of conflict. Make a goal to do fun things, make new traditions and don’t be too hard on yourself. If you have low energy, don’t feel pressure to cook a big meal for hours and hours. Your kids would rather have you be happy than to have you spending joyless time in the kitchen. Keep the kids out of conflict. Remember joy, love, and peace. You are creating more than a day long memory, these are lifetime memories for them. Do your best to reduce stress, be present, and enjoy the blessing of your children being with you, no matter the day.

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