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Cindy Best
How To Get A Divorce? What Is Your Road Map?

So, you are thinking about divorce. What is first? It is hard to consider such a life changing event but you should not travel alone through this process. You go to the Grand Canyon and you might use your navigation or Google Maps. You do not want to get lost. Sometimes you use these maps … Continue reading How To Get A Divorce? What Is Your Road Map?

Cindy Best
Now You Tell Me

As I was chatting with a new client recently he realized that going through a divorce without an attorney was not the best idea. He said he was trying to save money, so instead he lost about $100,000. This story is not unusual. It is not new. It is, however, sad. It is sad that … Continue reading Now You Tell Me

Cindy Best
Why Shouldn’t My Spouse Pay Me Forever?

Many spouses getting divorced are sad and upset. For some reason, those feelings sometimes translate into a feeling of entitlement. Somehow, someway, someone believes that the other party owes you something. The issue with this thinking leads to fear, high costs in litigation, and continued resentment. Let’s tackle the issue of alimony, called spousal maintenance … Continue reading Why Shouldn’t My Spouse Pay Me Forever?

Cindy Best
Brad Pitt and Child Support

It is a shame to continue to play this out in the press…Mr. Pitt said something like this today and “it just shows to go you”…Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are very famous and very rich and I do not know them. I have not read their pleadings. I am not a California attorney. But … Continue reading Brad Pitt and Child Support

Cindy Best
Family Law Mediation Instead Of Litigation And Why It Works.

Mediation is resolving your dispute. Litigation is taking your dispute to the court and letting a judge decide your family law issue. Let’s say you have been married for 6-7 years and have no children. You and your spouse both have jobs and you bought a house together 3 years ago. You want to sell … Continue reading Family Law Mediation Instead Of Litigation And Why It Works.

Cindy Best
Melissa Brockie Talks About Domestic Violence [AZCentral Video]

In this video from AZCentral, Melissa Brockie, the director of New Day Centers at UMOM in Phoenix, Arizona, talks about what warning signs to look for and the resources available to those who might be in a domestic violence relationship. Understanding what domestic violence is and knowing the support systems that are there to help … Continue reading Melissa Brockie Talks About Domestic Violence [AZCentral Video]

Cindy Best
Packing For A Trip

When is the last time you went out of town or on a vacation? Think back to your packing list: what to take, what clothes to wear, what the weather is going to be, finding your travel toothbrush, travel size sunblock and so forth. Then you had to think about what you were going to … Continue reading Packing For A Trip

Cindy Best
Can You Divorce Without An Attorney

Yes, it is possible to get a divorce in Arizona without an attorney. The important thing is to know what you are doing. You do need to know the rules and you do need to know the law. You especially need to know the law as it relates to your property and children. The courts … Continue reading Can You Divorce Without An Attorney

Cindy Best
What About School?

You and your former spouse cannot agree where your child is going to go to school. One of you wants to jump into court and get this resolved. No no no. This is no longer happening and will not work that way with the court. I once had a judge ask parents in a courtroom, … Continue reading What About School?

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