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Cindy Best
Why Do I Need to Know About Pre Nups?

I am 32 years old and in love with my girlfriend. Should I care about her school debt? My fiancĂ© hides his bank account. Should I get married without knowing his debt? I am getting married and know that I will inherit money from my grandmother. Should I do something about this? The word prenuptial…

Cindy Best
What Do I Need To Know About PreNups? (Part 2)

You will not be responsible for paying her debt that was incurred prior to marriage. You could be responsible for her school debt incurred after marriage in certain circumstances. If you are planning on getting married, you should know about each others’ finances so you can know how the money situation is going to go….

Cindy Best
Should I Listen to My Attorney?

Should I listen to my attorney or not? That depends on whether you trust that your lawyer had the experience needed to give you good advice. It also depends on whether you think your lawyer is on your team and is giving you advice based on your best interests. So, how do lawyers make decisions…

Cindy Best
Road Maps and Lawyers

There are lots of ways in this day and age to figure out where you are going when you need directions. You can get a paper map, use GPS, call someone or just ask someone on the street. If you get lost with a paper map, you are generally up a creek. Sometimes you need…

Cindy Best
How Does Divorce Work?

We had a client recently who wanted to get divorced but they did not want to settle their financial issues. That seems like a very strange request because the entire process of divorce is dividing up all the financial stuff that became combined in the marriage. Untangling these financial issues is the whole point of…

Cindy Best
Does Your Attorney Care?

Do you care if your attorney cares? It may not be important to you but if it is, you have some things to think about. You will know if your lawyer cares when you ask the hard questions and they give you the hard answers. For instance, how much will a divorce cost? A salesperson…

Cindy Best
Don’t Send Naked Pictures

When you are in a divorce or child custody matter: do not send or receive naked photos. That’s all I have. That is it.

Cindy Best
My Husband Controls Everything I Do

Arizona law has a statute that makes it a harder for a person who commits domestic violence to have custody of their children. But the hard part is identifying and then proving domestic violence. What is it? What if he has never hit me? What if he has a tracker on my car and does…

Cindy Best
Moving Out Of State

If you are thinking of getting divorced and wanting to move, you might want to slow down. This can get really tricky if you have children. There are different rules in each state for how long you must live there before you can file for divorce or legal separation. If you move outside the state…

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