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Cindy Best
Arizona Family Law Courts

  Family law courts are courts of equity. This means that the judges are asked to make decisions based on fairness. Arizona family law courts are governed by Arizona statutes (in Section 25, Marriage and Domestic Relations), by the Family Law Rules of Procedure and by the case law that has interpreted these statutes and…

Cindy Best
The High Road

  Divorce is one of the most financially traumatic things you can go through. Money spent on getting mad or getting even is money wasted. ~Richard Wagner? ?Always take the high road.? You may be wondering why you should take the high road when you sense that your spouse will not. Our answer is that…

Cindy Best
Options For Your Divorce

Many people think of only two options when they consider divorce: with an attorney or without an attorney (by yourself, pro per). Today, more and more people cannot afford to pay large advanced fees for an attorney. Yet, many people still need legal help short of retaining an attorney, from beginning to end. Family law…

Cindy Best
Not Even the Winners Win in Litigation

A learned judge once said that no one wins in court. By this, he meant that the family loses control of decisions and that the expense is extreme. So, instead of spending money on two separate attorneys, mediation allows the parties to pay for one mediator to resolve all of the issues in the case….

Cindy Best
Early Resolution Conference or Resolution Management Conference

There are two different conferences that the court will schedule. The conference that the court schedules will be determined on whether you or your spouse is represented by counsel. If neither you nor your spouse is represented by counsel, the court will schedule an Early Resolution Conference. If either you or your spouse is represented…

Cindy Best
Spousal Maintenance

What is Spousal Maintenance? Spousal maintenance (formerly known as alimony) is a monthly payment from one spouse to another, which is designed to allow for the spouse who earns less income to establish a home and living environment on his/her own. Spousal maintenance is used for an easier transition to becoming a single person in…

Cindy Best
Who Will take Care of the Children and Where Will They Live?

Where will your children live and who will make decisions about them? These are the two major issues that you and the other parent must decide. This will depend on how far apart you live from each other, how old your children are, school hours, work hours, the care provider situation, the family support system…

Cindy Best
Parenting Time

  Joint Physical Custody As described in Chapter 1, joint physical custody means that the physical residence of the child is shared by both parents almost equally. Where the child lives primarily with one parent and has visitation (now called parenting time) with the other, generally, the parent with whom the child primarily lives will…

Cindy Best
Advantages of Mediation

  Best Interests of the Children: Mediation is designed to help parents focus on the best interests of the children. The mediation process helps the parties remain aware that despite their differences that brought them to the mediation process, they must continue to communicate for the sake of their child. The mediation process will preserve…

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