How To Tell When It’s Time

Cindy Best

Your attorney is not returning your phone calls. Your attorney acts like you are bothering him when you ask questions. Your attorney sometimes makes you feel like you are less than smart and less than capable.  At the first hearing, your attorney is not prepared and does not seem to know how to talk to the Judge. You just get a sinking  feeling when you walk out of the courtroom. You are confused and have spent a lot of money. Is it time to talk to a new attorney? People get second opinions from doctors all the time. Family law is not cook  book law, you cannot just read a recipe and know how to handle every case. If you think your attorney is not doing a great job for you, it might be time to get a second opinion. Family law gives you one first shot to do things right. You don’t want to mess it up. You cannot blame your attorney, you are free to hire who you want and if you aren’t satisfied, you have the right to ask questions and talk to another attorney. It might be time.

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