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Cindy Best
Child Custody FAQs Part 2

  My husband smokes pot almost daily. Should he have parenting time with the children? Not unless it is supervised. Drug use will preclude him from having unsupervised parenting time. You should ask the court to have him drug tested at TASC (Treatment Assessment Screening Center). Their website is: You might want to consult…

Cindy Best
Child Custody FAQs Part 1

  Do the courts favor mothers? There is no such preference. There are many factors that the court considers, but courts do not favor mothers over fathers. How does the court decide custody? (A.R.S. ?25-403) The court looks at the following factors: 1. The wishes of the child?s parent or parents as to custody. 2….

Cindy Best
What Happens To The Children In A Divorce?

Our guess is that you are very concerned about how your divorce will affect your children, which is why you are reading this book, to figure out how to be part of an uncontested divorce. Perhaps all you need to know can be clarified with this story: I was a mediator in a case not…

Cindy Best
FAQs For Document Preparation, Mediation, & Litigation

  Can traditional document preparation services help me? Document preparation services cannot provide you with legal advice. So, unless you know the law and the procedures, you could make some devastating mistakes by filling out forms without understanding your rights. Best Law Firm?s document preparation is conducted by an experienced attorney. How much does document…

Cindy Best
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Divorce & Legal Separation

What is the difference between a legal separation and a divorce in Arizona? An Arizona legal separation and an Arizona divorce are almost identical. In fact, there are more similarities than differences. In both cases, the court will issue final orders dividing the spouses? debts and assets, enter custody and parenting time orders regarding the…

Cindy Best
Nash v. Nash

What did Nash v. Nash recently rule? The Arizona Court of Appeals ruled on three main topics (1) child support calculations; (2) the use of social media to disparage another party; and (3) disclosure of materials related to the litigation. ?First, the court held that a family law court cannot limit child support to meet…

Cindy Best
Requirements To File For A Divorce In Arizona & Other Frequently Asked Questions

There are three requirements to file for divorce in Arizona. 1.? One party must have domiciled?(lived) in Arizona for at least 90 days at the time the divorce was filed. If one party was stationed here in the military, that party must have been stationed in Arizona for 90 days. 2. Conciliation has been attempted…

Cindy Best
Should I Get A Divorce Or Legal Separation?

A common question spouses have is whether they should get a legal separation instead of a divorce. The answer depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you want some financial protection or you want to continue your health insurance, a legal separation will likely accomplish both. If you want to get remarried, you…

Cindy Best
Document Preparation

Forms and Filing for Doing It Yourself There are self-help forms at the courthouses and you can find them online at There are also explanations about these forms; what is missing is the information in this book, such as how the process works and what laws tell you that you might be entitled to….

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