Brangelina And Peace

Cindy Best

If you read any news lately, you have already heard that Angelina and Brad are getting a divorce. But the one great take away for all of us is this: children first. Angelina and Brad are like thousands of other parents in the US who are getting divorced this year who have young children. These kids are like any other kids whose family has been split in two; they will be sad, confused, hurt, and angry. They have no control over what is going on. They don’t understand adult issues and you should not be tempted to bring them into your adult world. Leave them as children. I think Mr. Pitt said it best when he kindly asked the press for “peace” for his children. We should all be giving our children peace during our adult divorce. Just like the saying “safety first”, “children first” and that means giving them love, security and above all:  peace. 

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