Pitfalls Problems Poor Decisions

August 23, 2016 Cindy Best

I get it that some people don’t like attorneys and would rather get divorced without one. I also get that attorneys are expensive. But I must say that from my experience, people cost themselves a great deal more money than attorneys cost when they go forward without any counsel. So what if you don’t want child support to go through the Clearinghouse? What ? What’s a clearinghouse? The State will actually try and collect my child support for me and have it deducted from the other parents’ paycheck? Yes, but only if you go through the Clearinghouse. What’s wrong with giving my ex a quit claim deed because we agreed she could have the house…but are you still on the mortgage? Do you really want to own the debt but not the house? What if we don’t get a QDRO for our multiple retirement accounts? Can’t we do the math ourselves? Probably not and usually we are talking about a great deal of money. What if I sign a disclaimer deed? Did I really just give my husband my interest in our home? Oh no…oh no is right. 


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