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Cindy Best
Parenting Time Schedules Part 1

Parenting time is the scheduled time a non-custodial parent can spend with a child. There are a variety of parenting time schedules that can be set up by a family, and the schedules can be as different as the families who use them.   Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plan the child?s age,…

Cindy Best
Frequently Asked Questions About Spousal Maintenance

How is spousal maintenance paid? It can be paid directly from one spouse to the other. Both parties should keep very accurate records of the payments. The court may order the payments to be made through the clearinghouse, administered by the state of Arizona. They keep track of payments for you. Failure to pay is…

Cindy Best
Frequently Asked Questions About Property Division

How will our property be divided? (A.R.S. ?28-211 and A.R.S. ?25-318) You and your spouse may decide this for yourselves, but it is important to note that Arizona is a community property state. In accordance with Arizona Revised Statute ?25-211, community property is all property acquired during the marriage by the efforts of either party…

Cindy Best
Property Issues

Characterization of Property The first thing to decide is the character of the property. If it is community, it can be split 50-50. If it is sole and separate, it is yours and does not need to be divided. At the end of the divorce, you will want to divide the community property approximately equally….

Cindy Best
Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

Agreements on child support: Can my spouse and I agree on a child support amount that is different from the statutory calculation? The Court can permit the parties to settle on an amount of child support that is different from the statutory calculation. In order to do so, however, both parties must sign a statement…

Cindy Best
Paying Child Support

Who Pays Child Support? Using the above-described factors, the Child Support Worksheet and the court will be able to determine which parent (if either) should pay child support. The law provides that when the court grants a custody order, it also must decide what amount of child support should be paid by each parent under…

Cindy Best
How is Child Support Calculated?

Child support can be easily calculated under the Arizona Child Support Guidelines after several other variables have been determined. Specifically, the following information is required to calculate child support: 1. Each parent’s monthly gross income Gross income includes: receipt of spousal maintenance, Social Security, workman?s compensation, severance pay, commissions, disability benefits, unemployment benefits, retirement plans,…

Cindy Best
Child Support Factors to Establish Child Support

  CHILD SUPPORT IS DECIDED UPON THESE BASIC FACTORS, PLUS WHATEVER ELSE EACH PARENT PAYS FOR: ? Monthly salary of each parent ? Age of children ? Parenting time ? Day care costs ? Medical insurance ? Extracurricular expenses ? Number of other children not common to the marriage Affidavit of Financial Information Every case…

Cindy Best
Child Custody FAQs Part 3

  How does custody affect child support? The physical custody arrangement is one factor considered in the worksheet (see Chapter 5.) The more time you have your child, the more expensive it is. We have not been to court yet and there are no orders. Who gets the kids right now? It is basically a…

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