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Cindy Best
Should I Get A Divorce Or Legal Separation?

A common question spouses have is whether they should get a legal separation instead of a divorce. The answer depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you want some financial protection or you want to continue your health insurance, a legal separation will likely accomplish both. If you want to get remarried, you … Continue reading Should I Get A Divorce Or Legal Separation?

Cindy Best
Document Preparation

Forms and Filing for Doing It Yourself There are self-help forms at the courthouses and you can find them online at superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/. There are also explanations about these forms; what is missing is the information in this book, such as how the process works and what laws tell you that you might be entitled to. … Continue reading Document Preparation

Cindy Best
Why Would you Want to do Your Own Divorce?

The simplest answer may be money: divorce attorneys are not cheap. Using your attorney as a sword to duel with your partner is very expensive. Actually, it is ridiculously expensive. So, if you and your partner have any inclination to work things out, and you most likely will be able to, you should try to … Continue reading Why Would you Want to do Your Own Divorce?

Cindy Best
Do It Yourself

  What exactly does it mean to go through your own divorce without an attorney? It means that you will file your paperwork, understand the rules and follow the law; just as if you were an attorney. That may sound a bit daunting at first, but not if you follow these step-by-step procedures. If controversy … Continue reading Do It Yourself

Cindy Best
Your Goals, Our Guidance

  You?re reading this book to save money; you want what is best for your family, even while recognizing that this divorce is necessary. We are here to help you figure out your rights, your issues, your choices and your solutions. We are experienced family law attorneys who have seen first-hand the devastation and damage … Continue reading Your Goals, Our Guidance

Cindy Best
Spousal Maintenance

  Spousal maintenance was formerly called alimony. There seem to be more misconceptions about spousal maintenance than almost any other area of divorce. You may have heard that you will get spousal maintenance because your spouse makes more money, but it is not that simple. Spousal maintenance can be highly discretionary, depending on the judge. … Continue reading Spousal Maintenance

Cindy Best
Community Property

  Once property is considered community property, it must be divided equitably between the spouses. That is why it is important to determine the characterization of the property at the beginning of the divorce. There may be arguments about whether property is community or not, but most property is fairly easy to characterize. Property includes … Continue reading Community Property

Cindy Best
Litigation Process When the Parties Work Together During Their Divorce

  You can see the importance of educating yourself about the process; reading this book is a good first step. You may then want to hire a mediator to help resolve and negotiate your issues. At the end of a mediation, you can hire an attorney by the hour to give you specific legal advice … Continue reading Litigation Process When the Parties Work Together During Their Divorce

Cindy Best

  Divorce is one of the most devastating and life-changing events you will ever experience. You need to know what you are getting into and be involved in the process. There are decisions to make for yourself and your children. We urge you to become educated about this process, so you can make wise decisions. … Continue reading Introduction

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