Domestic Violence Day: Filing An Order Of Protection

October 20, 2016 Cindy Best

Why do we need a day for this? Because domestic violence is epidemic in our country and in Maricopa County and it crosses all lines of race, status, money, professions, geography, age, sex, religion, education, house size, and any other characteristic. If you are a victim, there is help, you are not alone and it is not your fault. 

You can get help from any courthouse by filing an Order of Protection (some jurisdictions call it a “restraining order.” It is very similar. If you are in an intimate relationship with someone such as a spouse or someone you have dated, you are eligible to file.

Once you get your order, you need to have it filed. Then you need to make certain that you have a plan for what to do after service, since that is a very dangerous time. Keep yourself and your children safe. Once it is served, you can change the locks of your house or apartment. Stay vigilant and seek counseling. If the order is challenged, you might want to consider getting an attorney to go to court with you. Once you win that court hearing, the order will be in effect for a year. 

Find more information on our Domestic Violence Page and visit for additional help.


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