Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Is It Me?

Cindy Best

You don’t have a black eye. He has never punched you. And, he really just yells at you and tells you how stupid you are. He throws temper tantrums when no one is around. He rolls his eyes at things you say. He pretends he is joking when he says mean things about you in front of other people. And, then somehow…you have lost all your friends and family since you two got together. Where did all your people go? Where are your loved ones who always made you feel good about yourself and made you laugh and feel happy? Is there something wrong with you ? No, there is not. Domestic violence batters are great at manipulating you to make you behave how they want to feed into their own needs and ego. They control you in the most subtle ways. You didn’t even realize this was happening. But you are not alone, it is NOT your fault, and help is available. Find a counselor, find a way to safely leave, and start talking to people who love you and can help.

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