Domestic Violence Awareness Month: The Courts Can Help Protect You From Domestic Violence

October 18, 2016 Cindy Best

Orders Of Protection

There are four different types of Orders that may be filed:

  1. Order of Protection
  2. Emergency Order of Protection
  3. Injunction Against Harassment
  4. Injunction Against Workplace Harassment.


Relevant orders pertaining to domestic violence are the Order of Protection, Emergency Order of Protection or an injunction Against Harassment.

What Is An Orders Of Protection?

Protection Orders are orders prohibiting a specific person from making contact with you such as coming near your home, school, workplace, or other locations listed on the Order of Protection. Orders are based on the relationship you have with the party you are seeking protection from. Orders of Protection can be issued by any court in Arizona, regardless of the location of the plaintiff and defendant. They must be served by a police officer, deputy sheriff or process server. They can be issued either ex parte (with only one person present) or after a hearing. Both are good for one year after service on the defendant. Only the judge can terminate or change them.

What Does An Orders Of Protection Do?

The purpose of an Order of Protection is to restrain another person from committing an act of domestic violence, as defined in A.R.S.13-3601A, prohibit a defendant from coming in contact with you, and provide you with some legal recourse if the person served with a protective order violates the order.


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