Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Grab a Life Jacket

October 11, 2016 Cindy Best

If you think you are the victim of domestic violence, you are. Are you sad, lonely and wonder why the man you fell in love with is making your life so miserable? Why can’t you ever please him? Why do you keep trying to please him and he makes you feel so stupid? Why does he say mean things to you? Why have you lost all your friends and family?  Why do you feel so lost and alone in the world? Why is he so angry at you all the time? As an analogy, you are swimming in the ocean and the waves are huge and you think you are going to drown. You can swim and you are treading water and but you fear that you are sinking. What you can’t see are all the life jackets and life lines being thrown into the water all around you. They are everywhere but you still think you are going to sink all alone. If fact, you think you are all alone. But you are not. There are people who love you and want to help you and they have all thrown life jackets surrounding you. But you have to grab them. You have to grab a life jacket to help yourself. You are not alone. You are NOT at fault. Help available. Please grab a life jacket. 


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