Really Johnny and Amber?

Cindy Best

Really Johnny and Amber? Admittedly, I am not a California attorney and I am certainly not Johnny Depp or Amber Heard’s attorney. I don’t even know them but I feel for them. I am sure at some time, they were both very nice people to each other, after all they did fall in love. And, now they are hurt. But it is sad that their divorce is playing out in public and it is sad that they are fighting. Imagine how nice it would be if people going through a divorce would sit down, know their rights, figure out a plan for themselves based on the law and then calmly present it to the other side. Then the other side, politely and nicely, responds with a counter-offer. This goes back and forth until things are resolved. It there is a legitimate dispute, take it up with a judge or arbitrator in a logical, concise, objective manner and let a stranger make the decision (really, a stranger? Yes, that’s what happens when people cannot resolve their own matters). None of this is done in court. It takes place on the phone, in letters, or in mediation. It really goes a long way to be be nice; because nice matters.

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