Just A Great Big Pie

Cindy Best

What does a pie have to do with a divorce? I like to say that we are just dividing the pie equally and the negotiation is trying to get the pieces of the pie that you want. Maybe you want exactly the entire left half or the right half. Or maybe you spotted more apples in one slice and you want most of the left side but you’ll trade one of you apple pie pieces for one on the right side of the pie. That’s the art of negotiation. Get the right pieces of the pie. Get the car you want or if you don’t care, give the choice of cars to you spouse and you’ll get the bank account, or the dining room furniture, or the boat. Sometimes, what’s important to you isn’t important to your spouse. If she wants all the crust, get rid of your pie pieces with lots of crust so you can the pieces with all the apples. It’s not that hard, as long as everyone agrees before you start cutting up the pie, everyone knows each person only gets half. If one person tries to take more than their fair share…you could have a pie fight. And we know what a mess that would make. 

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