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Top Three Initial Divorce Decisions

If you feel overwhelmed, perhaps you could stop and make a list. Your future might not seem so daunting if you stop and list what decisions you need to make. First, how will you have money? Do you make enough to pay bills from month to month? Second, where will you live? Can you stay … Continue reading Top Three Initial Divorce Decisions

Cindy Best
Mediate or Medicate?

What is mediation? It is a method of settling disputes with the help of an experienced mediator. For divorce or custody matters, an experienced family law attorney can help you and your partner come to agreements. How can you mediate if your partner does not want to? You will have to try and explain that mediation … Continue reading Mediate or Medicate?

Cindy Best
Now What?

So, another year has gone by and you are still unhappy. Over the holidays, he screamed at you and the kids. He even pushed you when he was drinking too much. The same old fights and the same old abuse. But you might be thinking that you don’t want to get divorced because you do … Continue reading Now What?

Cindy Best
Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Happy New Year for 2018. We hope that you find peace, joy, and love in the coming year. We also know that you might be in a difficult and traumatic time of your life to make decisions about your family. It is hard, we certainly get that. We were once accused by a potential new … Continue reading Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Cindy Best
January Is the Biggest Month for Divorce

There are a few reasons why January is the biggest month for divorce and you could probably guess a couple. Read this article to learn more and see why January is the divorce month.

Cindy Best
Rocking Chairs Keep You Busy

You’re thinking you want to get a divorce? Are you thinking you want more time with your children but the mother will not let you? Are you confused about the law and how it applies to your situation?  Are you confused about how and where to get information? I have an idea for you as … Continue reading Rocking Chairs Keep You Busy

Cindy Best
Peace, Christmas and the Kids

Did your kids write a letter to Santa? Did your kids make a list for you? They are probably full of toys, dolls, cars, scooters, and the like. What is not on their list is peace. But I believe that peace is what they want more than anything…If you are sharing your children this Christmas, … Continue reading Peace, Christmas and the Kids

Cindy Best
Christmas Time

Remember that Christmas memories for your children will last forever. So, if you are sharing your children with a parent, please remember that it is important to put them first. It helps to create new traditions if this is your first holiday sharing your children. And, kids are not all that concerned about what day … Continue reading Christmas Time

Cindy Best
40 Things Only Divorce Lawyers Know

An interesting article we found on about secrets and tips when going through a divorce. “It’s no secret that divorce is a stressful experience. While it’s natural to feel grief about the dissolution of a marriage, spouses also need to consider the more practical implications when a household dissolves. From divvying up assets to creating custody arrangements, the … Continue reading 40 Things Only Divorce Lawyers Know

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