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Mothers Leaving Abuse

If you are a mother, it is because you have kids. I have an observation to make about mother’s who go through divorce and the thoughts about children. Sometimes mothers get divorced for reasons that are unrelated to the husband/father’s behavior or love toward his children. In those families, it makes sense to share responsibilities … Continue reading Mothers Leaving Abuse

Cindy Best
Domestic Violence Walk Back

A client comes to see us who tells a sad story of being screamed at, stalked, ducked while things were thrown at her, watched her kids being berated, and watched the dog getting kicked. The mother/wife is a victim of long years of domestic violence that has severely changed her as a person and a … Continue reading Domestic Violence Walk Back

Cindy Best
How Do Children Speak To The Court?

One of the best interests factors to determine where the children will live is the opinion of the child. The age of the child will determine how much weight the court will give the child’s opinion. But the court does not actually speak with a child. Their voices are heard by the parents’ testimony, a … Continue reading How Do Children Speak To The Court?

Cindy Best
What Is A Fit Parent?

The courts in Arizona determine whether a parent is fit enough to be provided 50/50 parenting time. A fit parent does not have any domestic violence, child abuse, illegal drug use, alcohol abuse, mental health, or criminal issues. Some of these issues are hard to prove and parents often think that they need “evidence”. What … Continue reading What Is A Fit Parent?

Cindy Best
Spring Cleaning is like Divorce

Now that warmer weather is here and everyone seems to be outside, it’s time to clean out that garage that’s been on your to do list. You might be planning on going to spring training, having picnics, and going to the railroad park. It’s also time for reflection and feeling good, after all spring brings … Continue reading Spring Cleaning is like Divorce

Cindy Best
Bed Bugs and the Internet

When you travel to a motel/hotel room, you certainly have some expectations for your room. Some of the expectations are obvious: clean, safe, and economical. Some of the expectations are not so obvious, you want free parking, free internet, and free coffee? Sometimes you are surprised that you have a resort tax or a parking … Continue reading Bed Bugs and the Internet

Cindy Best
Rob Porter, the White House, and Domestic Violence

You see the word domestic violence and you might have an automatic response about what you think it means. You might automatically be thinking things like: it could never happen to me, what is wrong with these people, is it just for black eyes, why isn’t it always reported right away, would someone really make … Continue reading Rob Porter, the White House, and Domestic Violence

Cindy Best
Divorce: Mediation vs. Traditional [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Cindy Best
Can I Divorce and Move to Texas with the Kids?

Texas is a great state, but it might not be a good idea to try and relocate with the children at the same time that you are getting a divorce. Once the divorce is actually filed in the court, you cannot move with the kids. There is a temporary injunction in place and you are … Continue reading Can I Divorce and Move to Texas with the Kids?

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