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Cindy Best
Hypothetical Cases

In Arizona, family law cases generally fall into two categories: parties who are taking their family law case to court for the first time (also known as “pre-decree” matters, such as the initial divorce) and parties who are returning to court, usually to enforce or modify prior court orders (also known as “post-decree” or “post-judgment”…

Cindy Best
Simple Steps to ?Serving? the Other Party

?Service? is the technical name for the other party receiving from you the documents that you have filed. Arizona courts require one party to show proof that the other person was served. In today?s legal world, service does not have to be done with a process server. Instead, you can simply mail the documents to…

Cindy Best
Steps to Filing Your Dissolution or Legal Separation Documents

1. Review your documents one last time to ensure their accuracy. 2. Sign the petition in blue ink. There are TWO places. The verification page needs a notary, as well. (Do not sign it until you are in front of a notary. Notaries are found at various locations, including law offices, banks and photocopy stores….

Cindy Best

  Best Law Firm provides mediation and alternative dispute resolution services to parties involved in a family law matter, such as a divorce, parenting time disputes or changes to child support. Family law mediation is a method of resolving issues and disputes during the difficult time of divorce by talking with a mediator to resolve…

Cindy Best
What Happens After A Petition Is Served

  Other Issues After the petition is served, each spouse is entitled to his or her own income. This income may be subject to child support and/or spousal maintenance that can be retroactive to the service or the separation date. Also, each party is responsible for his or her own debt incurred after that service…

Cindy Best
Documents & Their Meanings

  The Individual Documents Each of these documents has a significant meaning for the courts and for you. Below is a list of the forms and their purpose.   Family Court Cover Sheet This form helps the courts set up your file in their computer system. It should be the top form you present to…

Cindy Best
Documents Required For Legal Dissolution Of Marriage

  Documents for Dissolution Without Minor Children To file for dissolution of marriage without minor children the following documents need to be completed: Family court cover sheet Sensitive data sheet Summons Preliminary Injunction Petition for Dissolution without Minor Children Notice of Your Rights about Health Insurance Coverage Notice Regarding Creditors   Documents for Dissolution With…

Cindy Best
Parenting Time Schedule Part 2

12 to 24- Months One- to two-year-olds are becoming more aware of the world around them and the people who are frequently in contact with them. A baby at this age can be attached to many caregivers including grandparents, other extended family members, daycare providers, babysitters and family friends who are frequently in contact with…

Cindy Best
Parenting Time Schedules Part 1

Parenting time is the scheduled time a non-custodial parent can spend with a child. There are a variety of parenting time schedules that can be set up by a family, and the schedules can be as different as the families who use them.   Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plan the child?s age,…

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