Brad Pitt And Custody Documents

Cindy Best

Brad Pitt has recently asked the California courts to seal the custody records of his divorce. I have an opinion about that. Now, I don’t know Angelina and I don’t know Brad, but I know about divorce and children.  I don’t know California law and I have not read any of their pleadings. But based on what little I read: Why in the world would either parent want anything personal about their children to be public? I don’t care whether you are a nurse, a real estate agent, or an actor…private is private. In Arizona, documents concerning reports about children are not exactly “sealed” but they are not available for public review. They can be under sheltered from public view. Ms. Jolie’s response and objection to Mr. Pitt’s request for sealing read that it was a “thinly veiled attempt to shield himself, rather than the minor children.” So, what if that is true. Assume it is true. It is still going to be damaging to the children. Period. That should be all that anyone cares about. Who gives two cents about the motive if it protects the children. I have done more for clients not in the public eye…because it was the right thing to do. Someone in the Jolie camp might need an attitude adjustment. This is not about Brad or against Brad, it is about the kids.

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