How’s That Microscope?

Cindy Best

Your family has a home and most people do not really know what goes on inside your home. Or your private plane for that matter. But once you or your spouse files for divorce, you lose your privacy and your life is under a microscope. For instance, after Angelina filed for divorce, what happened on their private plane became very public. Everything has the potential to do that. So just be aware of that. And things can be spun, just a bit like politics. But there are some things you can understand. First, about child discipline. It is lawful, of course but what is not lawful is to discipline your child and leave a mark that lasts more than 24 hours. That is the so called dividing line. Also, your not so private life on Facebook will become public in a divorce. That birthday party where you were drunk does not look like fun to a judge deciding child custody in our divorce. Just be aware and be careful. Anything that can be used against you in a custody fight can and will be sued against you.

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