Custody And The Baby Jesus

December 27, 2016 Cindy Best

I got a call the other day. Mom goes to a church where there is a nativity scene and the baby Jesus in a manger. Father says it’s all a bunch of hooey. He doesn’t want his children exposed to any religion until they are 18 and able to make their own decisions. Since when do we postpone giving our children our advice and wisdom and traditions and beliefs until they are 18? So, what’s a judge to do when faced with this problem? The exact same thing the parents should do. Each parent has valuable teachings for their children and they are entitled to share them with their kids. Father can later, on his parenting time, tell his kids his beliefs. But Mom can take the kids to church. Just like families where there is no divorce; each parent has their views and each parent shares those beliefs with their kids. So, kids go to one church with mom and another religion or no religion with Dad. There is no big deal and divorced kids are no different that any other kids. They learn from both parents.


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