Child Support And Arizona And Renee Zellweger

Cindy Best

I read in the news about Renee being brought into her boyfriend’s child support matter. It’s doubtful that would happen in Arizona. The new wife or the new girlfriend or boyfriend or husband is not relevant for child support. The ex wife is trying to drag Renne into the fray because the boyfriend has been living a nice life and the ex is upset about it. I have no idea about this family and whether he is actually taking care of his kids or not, but I am hoping that he does. It is not, however, Renne’s job to do it…even if she spends money on him. So, it does sound like a jealous move but I don’t know all the facts. But in Arizona, it really does not matter if someone gives the parent a gifts or trips, the children do not automatically get more child support. But the bottom line is this: take good care of your children and stay out of court and avoid having to get attorneys.

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