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The NFL Handles Domestic Violence Better Than The Courts.

You have all seen the video, you know what Ray Rice, the former NFL player did. But in case you missed it, he was the guy seen punching and then dragging his unconscious fianc√© (now wife) out of an elevator. He will never play again in the NFL. The message is clear: domestic violence will … Continue reading The NFL Handles Domestic Violence Better Than The Courts.

Cindy Best
Are You Going to Be Just Another Number?

Have you ever been to the post office where you pick a number and wait your turn? Sure they’re busy, you understand. But really you just want some service. During the holidays, you might stand there for a really, really long time. And finally your number is called and it’s your turn! You are relieved … Continue reading Are You Going to Be Just Another Number?

Cindy Best
Even Relationships Should Have Insurance

Imagine that you are a new mom and you just broke up with your baby’s father. You aren’t from Arizona and you don’t have any support outside of your friends. The best option for you and your baby is to move back home to be near your parents and family members. You research AZ child … Continue reading Even Relationships Should Have Insurance

Cindy Best
Don’t Beat Yourself Up

I have talked with hundreds of clients over the years and I often hear them beat themselves up. Generally, it is done by people who have been the victims of domestic violence.¬† They tell me things they are not proud of, things they are ashamed of and things they are very sad about. I am … Continue reading Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Cindy Best
Have you ever had a bad haircut?

Everyone has had a bad haircut at sometime in their life. You have probably had more than one. And you have definitely witnessed someone you know get a bad haircut. You try to justify it or simply ignore it. Maybe you say “It’s not that bad.” or “I like it. It’s something different. It looks … Continue reading Have you ever had a bad haircut?

Cindy Best
Please Pass the Kleenex

Divorce brings tears and sadness. It is confusing and overwhelming. It is scary and can be expensive. Divorce attorneys know that all these things are true. So, when you meet with an attorney you should feel better, right? When we meet with new clients it is our job, in part, to help bring clarity and … Continue reading Please Pass the Kleenex

Cindy Best
Winning is for Football

Football season is back! Sundays have meaning again. It’s now time for barbecues, beer, fantasy football and lazy Sunday afternoons. Every week we keep score and we know who wins. But there are no winners in divorce. Even if you go to court and think you “won”, what really happened? You spent time and energy … Continue reading Winning is for Football

Cindy Best
The High Road

You are going through a really difficult time. Your soon to be former spouse/significant other is doing all kinds of things to make life miserable. You want to retaliate. You want to strike back. You want to make them miserable also. You want to call them names. You want to tell other people what a … Continue reading The High Road

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