Domestic Violence Walk Back

April 3, 2018 Cindy Best

A client comes to see us who tells a sad story of being screamed at, stalked, ducked while things were thrown at her, watched her kids being berated, and watched the dog getting kicked. The mother/wife is a victim of long years of domestic violence that has severely changed her as a person and a parent. Her kids have suffered. They have been victims and have been witnesses. The mother decides to get a divorce and find a better life for herself and her children. She comes to us for advice. We have experience helping victims of domestic violence. We have a game plan that works. The husband abuser gets an attorney who bombards us with motions and nasty letters, all a continuation of the abuse that the family suffered over the years. The mother gives up. She wants to “walk back” her claims of abuse. She wants to pretend it never happened and now it is all OK for the father to have joint legal decision making and 50-50 parenting time, forgetting/ignoring his history of abuse. This family will march on without us. Domestic violence is sad. Victims should know they are not at fault, there is help, and they can make the change to live abuse free. But they have to want to change.


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