Bed Bugs and the Internet

February 27, 2018 Cindy Best

When you travel to a motel/hotel room, you certainly have some expectations for your room. Some of the expectations are obvious: clean, safe, and economical. Some of the expectations are not so obvious, you want free parking, free internet, and free coffee? Sometimes you are surprised that you have a resort tax or a parking fee. How to avoid that? You want to ask questions and read the reviews. This is just like hiring an attorney for your divorce. You want to ask questions and meet the attorney. Have you ever walked into a motel room and just kind of gasped, “There is no way I can stay here!” You might have a similar reaction when you consult with an attorney. And, you might not remember all the things they tell you but you will remember how they made you feel. Did they respect you, answer your questions, or ask you what’s most important? And, if you don’t feel comforted, you might want to consult with someone else. Your family is worth it.


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