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Cindy Best

I do not know this family but I recognize some of the issues that they may be having. I only recognize some of the issues from what I read in the paper about the judge’s remarks. I want to say, however, that I agree with what Ms. Jolie opined that none of this is anyone’s business and it was upsetting that this was in the papers.

If you don’t want it to be in the papers, this should be settled without the need of a judge. If a family does not go to court, then they will not have anything in public written about the family. It will not be in a docket or any kind of order. It will be worked out by the parties and kept between them. But apparently, this family needed a judge to make a decision because they could not reach a decision without going to court. That is unfortunate. And the judge advised the family that perhaps Mom was not encouraging the children to see Father and that she was not being positive about their relationship with Father. This is the kind of stuff you want to keep out of your family law file. It is the kind of stuff you don’t want to be doing to your kids. If both parents are safe with the children, it is important that they have a relationship with them both. If you don’t want this stuff in the papers, don’t do it in the courts. Work it out. Compromise. Talk. Encourage. Be kind.

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