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Cindy Best
Too Early? Christmas And Thanksgiving

Peace. You need to consider that your kids only have one childhood. You will have a lifetime to be with them and the memories that you create now will always be part of your history. You get to help write that history for your children. Do you want them to have happy holiday memories or…

Cindy Best
Brad and Angelina

I do not know anything about their case. I have only read about it on the internet. But I have read that Brad Dad has supervised parenting time. In Arizona, that is severe. It is saved for only the worst of parents. The kind that are drug addicts, violent, domestic violence, or criminals. Not the…

Cindy Best
What’s Would Happen To The Brangelina Kids In Arizona?

By now you know that Brad and Angelina are headed for a divorce. They are in California, of course, and California law will apply. But what if they were in Arizona? First, if the parents make the decision about parenting time and legal decision making, there would be no court involvement and the parents would…

Cindy Best
Tis The Season

I was shopping the other day and Christmas decorations are already out in full splendor. Yes, it sure is early but not too early for the right attitude. If you are in a family law situation, thinking about divorce, thinking of going to court against your spouse…maybe not. Perhaps the season will rub off on…

Cindy Best
Domestic Violence Month: It’s Not Over

October was Domestic Violence Awareness month. It’s a good idea to focus on such a devastating and widespread dysfunction in our families and relationships that crosses all boundaries of race, finance, geography, education, status, job, or any other segregating parameter. But just because the month of awareness is over, does not mean that domestic violence…

Cindy Best
Domestic Violence Month: After You Get Your Order Of Protection

If you have gone to court and received your Order of Protection, the other side might ask for a hearing. If they do, do not be alarmed. That just means that they want to go tell a Judge their story, oftentimes without understanding the law. You need to consider hiring an attorney to go to…

Cindy Best
Domestic Violence Month: Dogs, Kids, and Domestic Violence

We tend to think that domestic violence only affects the partner spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend but there is collateral and direct damage to children and pets. A batterer who abuses their dogs or cats is more likely to abuse a person, adult or child. A family where there is domestic violence puts the children at risk. Up to…

Cindy Best
Domestic Violence Day: Emergency Order of Protection

If you need emergency relief on weekends, at night or on legal holidays you may need an Emergency Order of Protection.  If needed follow the following steps: Contact your local law enforcement agency and file a complaint. Law enforcement will review the situation and determine whether a domestic violence situation exists. After the police officer…

Cindy Best
Domestic Violence Awareness Month: What Exactly Is Domestic Violence

If you don’t know baseball, I apologize in advance for this analogy. A long time ago when I coached baseball, I tried to teach the players to tag up when there was a fly ball to the outfield. As the ball would fly to the outfield, I started yelling “tag up!” I could not understand…

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