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Cindy Best
Brangelina And Peace

If you read any news lately, you have already heard that Angelina and Brad are getting a divorce. But the one great take away for all of us is this: children first. Angelina and Brad are like thousands of other parents in the US who are getting divorced this year who have young children. These … Continue reading Brangelina And Peace

Cindy Best
What Isn’t Mediation?

Mediation is not court, it is not expensive, it doesn’t involve a judge, it doesn’t make you do stuff you don’t want to do, it doesn’t make decisions for you, it doesn’t force you to settle on terms you do not want, it doesn’t make you meet with your spouse, it doesn’t force money in or … Continue reading What Isn’t Mediation?

Cindy Best
Can I Try My Own Case?

Yes, you can. You need to understand that you are held to the standard of an attorney and you need to know the rules of the court and how to present exhibits. I have met with clients who have been very disheartened about not being able to tell their story to the judge and get … Continue reading Can I Try My Own Case?

Cindy Best
Cindy Featured in North Valley Magazine

Cindy is featured in the August/September issue of the North Valley Magazine as a Top Valley Lawyer in Family Law. View the magazine HERE (page 44).  

Cindy Best
Pitfalls Problems Poor Decisions

I get it that some people don’t like attorneys and would rather get divorced without one. I also get that attorneys are expensive. But I must say that from my experience, people cost themselves a great deal more money than attorneys cost when they go forward without any counsel. So what if you don’t want … Continue reading Pitfalls Problems Poor Decisions

Cindy Best
You Should Have Had An Attorney

These are the worst words that I hate to tell a client. I really dislike having to say that to someone who went to their own trial and are now devastated. They cry because none of their exhibits got into evidence and that the Judge would not listen to them. They are upset because the … Continue reading You Should Have Had An Attorney

Cindy Best
Football Pads, Helmets & Playbooks

Even if you never played football…you will get this. So, the question is:  would you expect players to play without football pads? Without helmets? Without a playbook? How about playing football without a time clock? Without knowing the rules, how many downs you get, how many points do you get for a touchdown? It would … Continue reading Football Pads, Helmets & Playbooks

Cindy Best
Can You Know What You Don’t Know?

I guess that sounds like a dumb question. But think about it. You might argue that there is no way you can know what you don’t know. If you don’t know you don’t know it, how can you know it? Well, this exercise could go on for awhile but the point is, I think, you … Continue reading Can You Know What You Don’t Know?

Cindy Best
Just A Great Big Pie

What does a pie have to do with a divorce? I like to say that we are just dividing the pie equally and the negotiation is trying to get the pieces of the pie that you want. Maybe you want exactly the entire left half or the right half. Or maybe you spotted more apples … Continue reading Just A Great Big Pie

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