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Cindy Best
Custody And The Baby Jesus

I got a call the other day. Mom goes to a church where there is a nativity scene and the baby Jesus in a manger. Father says it’s all a bunch of hooey. He doesn’t want his children exposed to any religion until they are 18 and able to make their own decisions. Since when…

Cindy Best
Is Christmas Really On Dec. 25th?

If you share your children for the holidays with your former partner or spouse, does Christmas really have to be on December 25? Do your children really care? The point is: Christmas is a holiday season and can be celebrated during the season. When your children have their childhood memories, do you think they’ll remember…

Cindy Best
Child Support And Arizona And Renee Zellweger

I read in the news about Renee being brought into her boyfriend’s child support matter. It’s doubtful that would happen in Arizona. The new wife or the new girlfriend or boyfriend or husband is not relevant for child support. The ex wife is trying to drag Renne into the fray because the boyfriend has been…

Cindy Best
Can A Child Have Too Many People Who Love Them?

I got a call the other day from a father who is being denied time with his child. I don’t know all the facts yet but I do know that children need people who love them. If parents are fighting about the children because they are used as pawns of revenge, they have to stop….

Cindy Best
Brad Pitt And Custody Documents

Brad Pitt has recently asked the California courts to seal the custody records of his divorce. I have an opinion about that. Now, I don’t know Angelina and I don’t know Brad, but I know about divorce and children.  I don’t know California law and I have not read any of their pleadings. But based…

Cindy Best
Christmas and Reese Witherspoon

I watched a quick interview with Reese and her former husband, Ryan, on TV last week or so. They were discussing how they shared their two children over the holidays. It was a nice arrangement where they took turns over Thanksgiving and Christmas and each parent was able to travel to meet with extended family…

Cindy Best
How’s That Microscope?

Your family has a home and most people do not really know what goes on inside your home. Or your private plane for that matter. But once you or your spouse files for divorce, you lose your privacy and your life is under a microscope. For instance, after Angelina filed for divorce, what happened on…

Cindy Best
Spreading The Holiday Spirit

Best Law Firm is proud to donate to St. Vincent De Paul this holiday season. We are thankful to be able to help provide food for hungry children, families and seniors in our community. During this busy holiday season we want to remember those who are in need and help spread joy and holiday memories…

Cindy Best
Too Early? Christmas And Thanksgiving

Peace. You need to consider that your kids only have one childhood. You will have a lifetime to be with them and the memories that you create now will always be part of your history. You get to help write that history for your children. Do you want them to have happy holiday memories or…

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