July 10, 2018 Cindy Best

Are you sharing your children with their other parent this summer? Would you like to make things go smoothly? Just be polite and kind. Do unto others as you would like them to treat you. What does that mean? When you decide to take the kids to the beach, let their other parent know where you will be, that you will use sunscreen, that you will watch them closely and never leave them unattended. You will let them know by calling them when you leave the beach. This sounds like over communication. It might be but it will keep the peace. The other parent will be worrying about the children drowning, extreme yes, but that is what goes through the other parents’ mind. Be overly careful and communicate as much as you can. Prevent the other parent from having any reason to worry or be anxious. It will make a nice smooth summer and your children will appreciate it. Safety first and communicate.


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