Now You Tell Me

Cindy Best

As I was chatting with a new client recently he realized that going through a divorce without an attorney was not the best idea. He said he was trying to save money, so instead he lost about $100,000. This story is not unusual. It is not new. It is, however, sad. It is sad that people believe that getting an attorney’s advice is too expensive and that an attorney is seen as someone who complicates issues instead of resolving them. Some of those opinions might actually be true for some lawyers. Our profession is not unlike other professions: there are good, reasonable attorney and then there are some attorneys who do not use their best skills to negotiate and resolve matters. I have never drilled my own teeth in the dentist office. I have never taken my own X rays or MRI. I have never fixed my own car engine or my broken shingles on my roof. Some matters require a professional opinion and family law is one of those matters where an experienced legal family law opinion can save you thousands of dollars and maybe even save you stress and chaos.

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