Family Law Mediation Instead Of Litigation And Why It Works.

Cindy Best

Mediation is resolving your dispute. Litigation is taking your dispute to the court and letting a judge decide your family law issue. Let’s say you have been married for 6-7 years and have no children. You and your spouse both have jobs and you bought a house together 3 years ago. You want to sell the house. So, how do you go forward? Make an appointment and bring a yellow legal pad with all your property, assets, and how you want to divide things. You and your spouse show up and sit down at a table with the mediator and go through the property step by step. Who has what debt? How do you want it split? When will you sell the house? Do you want to split the net equity 50/50? Did someone put a downpayment on it and does that person want to be paid back before the net equity is split? You can decide these questions anyway that makes an agreement. The mediator will answer any questions you have. It is that simple. Get started by calling and getting an appointment. You will be glad you took this step to resolve your own issues without a judge.

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