What if I have no idea where the other party lives?

You qualify under this section of service if the following has been completed:

1. You have filed a petition with the accompanying documents here in Arizona, AND
2. You do not know where the other party is, AND
3. You have tried all reasonable ways to find your spouse, including:
a. Mailed by certified mail to the spouse’s last known address
b. You have attempted to contact your spouse’s family, friends, and neighbors to retrieve an address
c. You have contacted your spouse’s place of employment
d. you have done additional research, such as reviewing the phone book, online directories, voter registration information; and
e. Considered hiring a professional detective or paid an online service attempt location for your spouse.

4. You are ready to testify under oath that you have tried all of these methods.

Simple Steps to “Serving” the Other Party in Arizona (continued)

Another option to service is mail or other delivery service requiring signature confirmation. This option requires that you send all of your documents using certified mail, restricted delivery. The “restricted delivery” entails a minor fee, but ensures that the deliverer confirm that he or she is delivering personally to your spouse. When you receive this green card back in the mail, you will file this with your mailing receipt after making a copy of it for your records.

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