What are the advantages of mediation for my family?

Mediation is designed to help parents focus on the best interests of the children. The mediation process helps the parties remain aware that despite their differences that brought them to the mediation process, they must continue to communicate for the sake of their child. The mediation process will preserve the parties’ relationship, which will benefit the child in the future years. It is also important to recognize future issues that might arise, and put a mechanism in place that will prevent future litigation.

What if I have no idea where the other party lives?

You qualify under this section of service if the following has been completed:

1. You have filed a petition with the accompanying documents here in Arizona, AND
2. You do not know where the other party is, AND
3. You have tried all reasonable ways to find your spouse, including:
a. Mailed by certified mail to the spouse’s last known address
b. You have attempted to contact your spouse’s family, friends, and neighbors to retrieve an address
c. You have contacted your spouse’s place of employment
d. you have done additional research, such as reviewing the phone book, online directories, voter registration information; and
e. Considered hiring a professional detective or paid an online service attempt location for your spouse.

4. You are ready to testify under oath that you have tried all of these methods.

What happens when spouses in Arizona own a business together?

During the divorce process here in Arizona, the court will usually attempt to keep the things the way they presently are when it comes to the day-to-day operations of a family business. A business valuation expert can assess the value of the business during the divorce matter. Arizona courts, with the input from the business valuation expert, will determine the value of the family business. The spouse that is ultimately awarded the business may be required to pay the other spouse that individual’s share of the business. That amount is normally one-half of the value assigned to the family owned business. You should consult an attorney for this matter.

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