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Characterization of Property During a Divorce

The first thing to decide is the character of the property. If it is community, it can be split 50-50. If it is sole and separate, it is yours and does not need to be divided but it must be disclosed. At the end of the divorce, you will want to divide the community property…

Cindy Best
What Happens to Debts During a Divorce?

Arizona Revised Statute 25-318 provides that debt incurred during the marriage is presumed to be community debt. Generally, the court divides debt equally. Debt incurred by a spouse before the marriage remains the separate debt of that spouse. The court may also order the parties to submit a debt distribution plan. This means that within…

Cindy Best
What Property Does Not Get Divided in a Divorce?

According to Arizona Revised Statute section 25-213, “separate property” cannot be divded by the court. Separate property consists of items owned before the marriage or received as an inheritance or gift during the marriage and kept separate during the marriage. It is possible for a person to gift his or her separate property to community…

Cindy Best
What is Considered Community Property?

According to Arizona Revised Statute, Section 25-211, generally, anything that a married couple accumulates during the marriage is considered community property, that is, both spouses own an undivided share of the whole. Exceptions to this general principle include those assets acquired prior to the marriage, by gift, devise (a will) or descent (inheritance). Because the…

Cindy Best
How Does Arizona Law See Division of Property?

You and your spouse may decide this for yourselves, but it is important to note that Arizona is a community property state. In accordance with Arizona Revised Statute 25-211, community property is all property acquired during the marriage by the efforts of either party through the date of service of the Petition for Dissolution. The…

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