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Cindy Best
What is a Wage Assignment?

A “wage assignment” is now required for the payment of child support, and in some cases, for the payment of spousal maintenance (alimony). An assignment requires an employer or other payor (either a person or company) of a parent who is obligated by court order to pay a certain amount of child support each month…

Cindy Best
How is Child Support Paid?

Child support must be paid in money–not in clothing or gifts. It must be paid through the clearinghouse in the state of Arizona if there is a court order for support. In Arizona, most child support payments are made through the “clearinghouse” and, if possible, through wage assignment. If a parent is ordered to make…

Cindy Best
Who Pays Child Support?

Using the factors of the parent’s monthly gross income, the amount of spousal maintenance paid or received, the amount of court-ordered child support paid by one parent for support of children not common to the other parent, the cost of one parent supporting children not common to the other parent, the amount of the medical…

Cindy Best
What is a Child Support Worksheet and How is Child Support Determined?

The second required document is a child support worksheet. Within this form, there are various boxes to input information such as your income and parenting time with the children. There are other factors that are also taken into consideration in determining this amount. The Child Support Worksheet will calculate who pays child support and how…

Cindy Best
What is an Affidavit of Financial Information?

Every case with children must have a document filed called an Affidavit of Financial Information, to be filled out by both parents and notarized. Read all the fine print on this document. It requires you to attach the last three (3) years of taxes and at least six (6) months of pay stubs. (Please remember…

Cindy Best
How is Child Support Determined?

Child support is decided upon these basic factors, plus whatever else each parent pays for: 1) monthly salary of each parent, 2) age of children, 3) parenting time, 4) day care costs, 5) medical insurance, 6) extracurricular expenses, and 7) number of other children not common to the marriage.

Cindy Best
Will the Court Tell Me When I Can See My Kids?

Only if you and your spouse cannot agree. You really do not want to turn this life-changing decision over to a stranger who will only get to know your family in an hour or so of an evidentiary hearing. Not only do you relinquish all control, but having to testify and perhaps say negative things…

Cindy Best
You and Your Spouse Have a Parenting Schedule You Both Agree On. Can You Put It In Writing?

Yes. You can write and sign an agreement, as can be found in the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure Rule 69, that will be valid in court. You can attach it to your joint parenting agreement or rewrite it into your final joint parenting agreement. It is valid, even if it is not filed…

Cindy Best
My Former Spouse Wants to Go on a Cruise to Mexico. I Will Not Let the Kids Get Passports. Can He Get My Children Passports Without My Approval?

This can get sticky, because there are hundreds of international abductions every year. If you truly believe it is for a cruise, you might consider it. You can ask for the written itinerary and documentation showing that they are really going on a cruise. Sometimes the abduction of children comes as no surprise to the…

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