Litigation Process When the Parties Work Together During Their Divorce

Cindy Best


You can see the importance of educating yourself about the process; reading this book is a good first step. You may then want to hire a mediator to help resolve and negotiate your issues. At the end of a mediation, you can hire an attorney by the hour to give you specific legal advice about the negotiated agreement before you sign it.

Another option is to pay for legal consultations by the hour. An experienced attorney will give you specific legal advice about your case. After a legal consultation, you can also have an attorney draft your documents for a flat fee. Best Law offers all of these services and options are explained on our web site,

The point is that there are various ways to go through this process, with an attorney and with mediation, without losing all your hard-earned money and suffering untold stress. This book will empower you with knowledge to help you with this transition in your life.

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