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Cindy Best
Dangers of Facebook and Divorce – Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry Online!

For most, Facebook is an innocent fun way to connect with friends and family, or a way to try to connect with old childhood friends.? But for an individual going through a divorce, social media such as Facebook can be a dangerous, and costly tool.? For divorce attorneys, sites such as Facebook have provided a…

Cindy Best
Do You Have To Move Out Of Your House During Divorce?

Your husband wants a divorce and tells you to get out of the house. You wife is angry and tells you to move out, she is getting a divorce. What do you do? This is often the way divorces begin and it is unfortunate. In Arizona, a house that was purchased during the marriage is…

Cindy Best
Hollywood Marriages vs. Long Term Marriage and the Effect on Spousal Maintenance

In a time when most Hollywood couples are getting married and divorced within the same year, and most everyday couples find it difficult to stay together as well, the term “long-term” marriage is becoming more and more obsolete.? The length or term of a couple’s marriage is one of several factors a Judge will look…

Cindy Best
Child Support

Are you getting the child support that you are legally entitled to receive for your children? The Maricopa County website provides information for you to help determine the correct child support amount. The courts are very strict about making sure that parents pay child support and they provide remedies for parents who are owed child…

Cindy Best
Lawyers Cost Too Much!

Yes, attorneys are very expensive and oftentimes very necessary. But you may not need to retain counsel in your particular situation but you have a few legal questions and need some help. At the Best Law Firm, we offer services just for you. We can provide an in office consultation, we can help you draft…

Cindy Best
Holidays and Parenting Time

If you are co-parenting with someone you do not live with, you may have to take extra time to make sure everyone is happy over the holidays. Oftentimes, there is a great deal of stress for children as they are taken from one parents’ home to another. Please think of your children and the holiday…

Cindy Best
Do-It-Yourself vs. Seeking advice of an Attorney

There is a justifiable argument on both sides of this debate. After all, there are? Self-Service Centers? being developed and opened up more and more in courts throughout the land. They are also surely a very assistive and helpful department and Do-It-Yourself Divorce forms are usually also downloadable via the Internet as well. All this…

Cindy Best
Holiday Time and Child Custody

If you and your former partner are not sure what to do during the upcoming holiday season, you might want to consider reading our book: The Divorce Coach. There are chapters devoted to parenting plans and ideas to make this difficult time easier. And, if you need more help, you can always use an experienced…

Cindy Best
Halloween and child custody

Your child does not want to be in the middle of an adult tug of war. If you have child custody issues with your former partner, make certain it does not spill over into your relationship with your children. Cooperate with your former partner so you can each share these happy holiday times with you…

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