Your Parents Can Sue You to See Your Kids

Cindy Best

Wow….doesn’t that seem surprising? Let’s play this out. Your parents do not like you because of your lifestyle. In fact, they refuse to see you and they have disowned you. It’s because you are gay. They wrote you out of their will. So, now they still want to see your 5 year old daughter. By the way, your daughter have parenting time with her father and during those visits she sees your parents. But you tell your parents that you do not want them to see your daughter.  They get very angry and go to a lawyer who tell them they are in luck. Even though, you do not want them around your daughter, they sue you to see her. They actually get a lawyer and take you to court. Even though they say bad things about you to your child. Is it a good idea to keep your parents out of your child’s life? Who knows…maybe yes and maybe no. But now the government has a say in this mess. It’s called grandparent rights. It sounds good on it’s face doesn’t it? Giving rights to grandparents sounds like it could be a good idea. But is it really? In fact, it is not just giving grandparents rights to see your child; it is the government telling a parent who they must allow in their child’s life. Does the government really have this right? Under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, parents have a right to parent their children they way them seem fit as long as the parents are fit. So what about the Arizona statute ARS 25-409, the grandparent rights statute? Should the government tell you how to parent your child? The government…really?

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