Would You Play Poker Without Knowing If a Flush Beats a Full House?

Cindy Best

I doubt whether you would try and play any game, poker or otherwise, without knowing the rules. You would either have someone teach you, you would read a book or you would ask someone before you sat at the table and the cards were dealt.

So, the same is true with divorce. You need to know the rules and then you sit down and play. You know what is allowed and what is not. You know how to bet and when to check. A legal consultation is to learn and know the rules before you play the game or while you are playing the game..step by step. Mediation is where you take the rules you learn and try and figure it out without a judge. That’s all mediation is. It does not mean that you show up without an attorney or with an attorney, that does not really matter as long as you know the rules. If you would like to have a “rules” session and learn how to know what’s going to happen in your divorce, give us a call for a consultation today.

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