Would You Jump Into A Pool Filled With Jello?

Cindy Best

I saw a movie once with this scene where a guy is in mid air jumping into a swimming pool and someone screams, “Stop, it’s electrified!” The jumper had already left the diving board. Yuck. Some people file for divorce and then ask, “Now what do I do?” They left the diving board without knowing if the pool was filled with cement, jello, or nice cool inviting water. It might be a good idea to know before you jump so you can be prepared. It takes time to plan to untangle lives. Just think how long some weddings take to plan. Do you want to try and keep the house? Who is going to move and where are they moving to? What about our savings account? What about the kids? Look in the pool before you jump. Know what you are getting into. Know the outcome you would like. Know the good and the bad because you don’t want to find out in mid air when you can’t get back to the diving board.

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