Winning is for Football

October 20, 2015 Cindy Best

Football season is back! Sundays have meaning again. It’s now time for barbecues, beer, fantasy football and lazy Sunday afternoons. Every week we keep score and we know who wins. But there are no winners in divorce.

Even if you go to court and think you “won”, what really happened? You spent time and energy arguing with your ex, to let a judge decide the most important issues in your life. Going to court is unpleasant. You have a few hours (sometimes less) to let a complete stranger decide your life. Yes, that complete stranger is a judge but they are still a stranger. They don’t know you and they have little time to listen to you, review your life and try to make the best decisions for you. There are no winners in divorce.

Divorce is not like football. It’s time to think about think about finding solutions and compromise…instead of winning. Don’t expect to go to court and feel victorious, even if you think you will “win.” Sometimes situations do need attorneys and judges to help protect you and your children. But make sure that you find an attorney who understands that going to court is not about “winning”, no matter the outcome.


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