Why Would you Want to do Your Own Divorce?

August 6, 2013 Cindy Best

The simplest answer may be money: divorce attorneys are not cheap. Using your attorney as a sword to duel with your partner is very expensive. Actually, it is ridiculously expensive. So, if you and your partner have any inclination to work things out, and you most likely will be able to, you should try to do part, if not all, of your divorce yourselves. You may need help along the way, but that does not preclude you from doing much of it yourself. If you run into bumps, you can always use an attorney for a consultation in a limited scope representation or as a mediator.

For instance, you can pay an attorney at our law firm for one hour of time to give you legal advice and to advocate for you. Or, at our firm, you can hire an experienced mediator to avoid court. A mediator does not give legal advice or take sides, but is a paid neutral party who consults with you and your partner together. Having practiced family law in Arizona courts, we know you are better off if you can avoid a messy courtroom confrontation.

You can do your divorce yourself or with as much help as you want. You can do it spending as little or as much money as you decide. You can handle it with as much or as little conflict as you allow yourself to participate in. Let?s go through all the various options of handling a divorce, which include doing it yourself, using document preparation services, hourly legal consultations, mediation and of course, with lawyers.


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