Why Do I Need to Know About Pre Nups?

Cindy Best

I am 32 years old and in love with my girlfriend. Should I care about her school debt? My fiancé hides his bank account. Should I get married without knowing his debt? I am getting married and know that I will inherit money from my grandmother. Should I do something about this? The word prenuptial agreement comes to mind. That word used be somewhat negative but it is essential to know this option if you are planning on getting married. The deal is this: the government has a detailed plan for who gets what in a divorce. Then if you go through a divorce there is a ton of discussion and possible fighting and before you know it: tons of attorney fees. But just imagine that you and your loved one decided before you get married, whose stuff is what. That is a prenup. You should know the assets and debts of your future betrothed and vice versa. Money causes lots of fight during a marriage. It makes sense to figure it all out before you take this step. Part 2 will talk more about this.

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