Who Gets Take Care of My Lambie?

December 10, 2015 Cindy Best

There have been times of the year where you did not get along with your former spouse. There have been times when you were angry and maybe your kids even knew how upset you were. There might have even been times when you were a bit passive aggressive and were late to pick up or drop off or kept the clothes your kids wore when they came over. But stop right now and decide that you are not going to ruin your child’s Christmas. They will not remember the extra hour or two that you fought so hard to get….but they will remember the screaming and the crying. They will not remember who they spent Christmas Eve with vs who they spent Christmas Day with…but they will always have stress around the holidays if you make this stressful for them. And for your child’s sake…whatever toy or gift they get, let them take it or leave it at whatever house they want. Have you ever gone to a Christmas party and received a gift…a gift that you really loved…like an Ironman toy, Beepo, Girl Scout cookie oven, play all-day Elmo, self balancing wheel scooter, or take care of me Lamie..  Did you have to leave the toy at the party? No, I bet not. So, please let your kids decide where their gifts go, they may even want to take them with them…imagine that. So perhaps you as the parent should let them go with their new beloved Jedi Master Light Saber. They are only kids for a short time but the memories will last their entire life. Make them good, happy, peaceful memories and you will be happier as well.


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